(Last Chance Saloon)

555 Jewell Street, wayne, ab

(403) 823-9189

Status: Historical Hotel and Bar



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As of May 2021, this property was for sale by an owner who was very open about the paranormal activity happening and passionate about preserving the building’s history. It is unclear whether the property has sold and, if so, how any new owners feel about the haunting.

This hotel was built in 1913 when the town had a population of over 3000. In the early 20th Century, the nearby coal mines were booming and producing.

In 1957 the mines were closed leading to a mass exodus. At last count there were only 33 permanent residents in Rosedale.

The hotel, now paired with the Last Chance Saloon, are all that’s still standing from the town’s glory days. You can still stay in the hotel – the Saloon especially has exceptional reviews – or a camping or RV spot on the property.

This site is located only 10 minutes from downtown Drumheller.


Paranormal Activity

Back in the day this place was pretty rough; and they still have the bullet holes in the walls to prove it. In the heydays of the mine some miners tried to form a union so the mine owners brought in union busters belonging to the KKK.

The final event that ended union dream was when the KKK brought the union leaders into a room in the hotel on the third floor and severely beat them resulting in 2 deaths. These 2 men are said to be the ghosts in the hotel. The third floor of the hotel has been closed many times in the past due to the level of paranormal activity due to these ghosts.

The misty apparitions of these men have been seen both in the hotel – usually on the third floor in the room they died in – and in the Saloon. People have heard their names spoken – as well as other disembodied voices -all over the building.

There are many reports of people catching something in the corner of their eyes and turning to see nothing. Phantom pipe smoke is smelt in the billiards room.

There’s also the ghost of a woman who is seen more infrequently and whose identity remains unknown.