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Status: Former Poorhouse; Former Asylum; Former Nursing Home; Historical Haunted Building; Paranormal Tours and Investigations Available



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Rolling Hills Asylum Located in western New York 40 minutes from two major airports, Rolling Hills Asylum is a hot bed of paranormal activity. Disembodied voices, doors slamming, footsteps, sounds of furniture moving, full body apparitions, shadow people, touching, lots of class A Evp’s, and more! The property was established on January 1, 1827 as the Genesee County Poor Farm. Over the years it has operated as a poor farm, infirmary, orphanage, tuberculosis hospital, nursing home, and more. Residents and Inmates ran the gambit of widows, orphans, disabled, mentally unstable, murders, and more. Over 1700 bodies buried in unmarked graves. Come out and investigate this very, haunted and active location! Open year round. Historical & Flashlight Tours, Public & Private Ghost Hunts, Daytime & Night-time Opportunities, special events, and more. We have been featured on Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventurers and Paranormal Challenge as well as SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters. Website :

VM: (585)502-4066

Sharon Coyle, Proprietress Rolling Hills Asylum E. Bethany, NY 14054 VM Only: (585)



Opened in 1927 in response to a government directive that all municipalities had to have facilities designed to take care of people who were incapable of taking care of themselves. The facility was known as the Genesee County Poorhouse and took patients ranging from drunks to unwed mothers to outright criminals. It became a working farm with over 200 acres and every able-bodied person was expected to work. The county was responsible for burying those who had no family and a graveyard does exist on the property but the exact location has been lost as time went by. The facility was closed in 1974 with the patients being relocated to Batavia. By that time the building had served as both an insane asylum and a nursing home. The building remained abandoned until 1992 when it was re-opened as a mall called “The Carriage House”. It has since been used as a paranormal research center and gives paranormal tours today.


Paranormal Activity

Apparitions have been seen in the windows by people outside of the building as well as by those inside the building. The apparition of a man who was once one of the tallest men alive who lived his life in the asylum.

Unexplained noises are heard in the building including cries, screams and laughter. Phantom conversations have been heard as well as reports of being touched by cold hands.

Other activity: doors and windows opening and closing on their own, shadow figures, objects moving on their own, light anomalies and mysterious knocks.