Rohs Opera House

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133 East Pikes Street, Cynthiana, KY

(859) 298-2203

Status: Historical Theater



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Started in 1871 as the Aeollian Hall Music Association on the second floor of the building it is in now this is the oldest continuously running theater in Kentucky.

HA Ross (Rohs?) bought the business in 1873 and renamed it Rohs Opera House.

In 1941 the “new” Rohs Opera House was opened.

Concerts, movies, variety and comedy shows have all been shown/performed at this historic theater.


Paranormal Activity

This location is considered one of the most haunted buildings in Kentucky.

It said that its very rare for a group not to have at least some kind of encounter with the paranormal on an investigation. As a bonus the ghosts here are friendly; they may play games with you but there is no reports negative energy at this location.

A ghost they’ve named the Shadow Man is often seen near the back of the building close to the washrooms. He also walks through the audience area in the theater but not just down the aisles but right through the seats as well.

The Lady of the Opera House has been both seen and photographed walking down the balcony aisle wearing a long white veil.

There is also the ghost of a little boy who’s been seen in the building. Some articles claim 2 children haunt the building.

There are also references to an angry man but no details. This seems contradictory to the owners reports of the ghosts being friendly.