1516 Peachtree Road NW, Atlanta, GA

(404) 885-7800

Status: Former Residence; Heritage Building; Open to the Public



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This house was built in 1904 by furniture magnate Amos Giles Rhodes at a cost of $50,000 ($1.7 million in 2022). It was built wired for electricity and had a security system making it almost futuristic for the time.

It’s most impressive feature is a set of stained glass windows in the main staircase that showed the owner’s political views. The windows include the rise and fall of the Confederate States and 3 Confederate officers with dubious backgrounds. They certainly reflect a different time in history.

After Rhodes and his wife died their children donated the house to the State of Georgia under the terms that it always be used for historical purposes. The Georgia Department of Archives and History moved into the house and began taking care of it from day one.

The constant preservation efforts saved this house and have kept it in pristine condition as the city of Atlanta grew around it.

In 1983 the house was transferred to it’s current owners the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation. In 1992 the house was renovated into a museum. Unfortunately, this also led to the end of their annual Halloween Haunted House event.


Paranormal Activity

The Rhodes’, apparently, did love their house; so much so that they are said to have never left it; even after death.

By all accounts Amos and his wife Amanda were very private and not interested in visitors in their house during their lives. By all accounts this attitude has not changed since death.

There are numerous stories of encounters with Amos and Amanda; although, none of them are friendly.

Mr Rhodes is said to be an overbearing presence whose apparition is known for approaching people quietly but increasing noise. Usually, his phantom footsteps – often the tapping of his cane can be heard as well - grow louder and quicker as he comes closer and he has screamed “get out!” at more than one witness.

Mrs Rhodes has been known to cause intense unease – to the point of fear – in sensitive witnesses. Electrical disturbances such as flickering lights are also blamed on her. Her ghostly face has been seen superimposed over her portrait in the house; with her looking even less friendly that her portrait already is.

Other Reported Activity: apparitions of children (usually outside of the building); shadow figures; objects moving on their own; light anomalies and feelings of not being alone.