812 Barnum Avenue, Bridgeport, CT

Status: Industrial Site; Partially Demolished; In Ruins


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This site was originally owned by Union Metallic Cartridge Company who opened up a shop in 1867. This company was bought out by Remington Arms who would massively expand the site in 1915 to 73 acres creating what would become one of the biggest munitions factories in the world employing over 17,000 workers. Much of the munitions used by US Forces during the Second World War was made in this facility.

By 1970 Remington had moved most of its production facilities to their new plant in Arkansas and by 1988 had completely abandoned the entire facility. Other companies (including General Electric) have used parts of the site before moving on as well. The entire site now sits empty and decaying. Vandalism and at least one fire made the site increasingly dangerous – especially to urban explorers and paranormal investigators.

As of 2021 much of the site has been demolished and the work is still proceeding. The iconic shot tower – which looks like a huge bottle of whiskey – is still standing and there is hope it can be refurbished into another use.

In 2020 Remington Arms filed for bankruptcy.


Paranormal Activity

Safety not being what it is today and no laws requiring companies to keep track of accidents in the 19th and early 20th centuries it is certain there were numerous accidents – many fatal – occurred on the site with no record of it now.

Shadow figures and apparitions are seen wandering the grounds as while as passing in front of windows. These are usually suggested to be directly related to accidents that took place on site including at least 2 employees falling into the vats of molten lead and an explosion in 1942 (that was possibly Nazi sabotage) that killed 7 workers and wounded 80 others.

Other activity: disembodied voices, mysterious mists, feelings of dread, intense fear and of being watched, light anomalies, phantom footsteps, cold spots, electrical disturbances and objects moving on their own.