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Status: Former Poor House/Asylum; Former Nursing Home; Paranormal Attraction

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In 1851 this land was put aside for the building of a poor house to take of those with nowhere else to go and unable to fend for themselves. The original building held only 13 inmates who were expected to work on the farm to earn their keep. Of course, most of them were unable to work due to physical and mental disabilities.

In 1853 a new building was constructed so 16 people could be housed. In less than a year – the following January – the building caught fire and burned to the ground.

Between 1855-56 a brick building was constructed but was eventually demolished due to unsafe conditions and the need to house more people.

In 1899 the existing building was constructed. It is over 50,000 square feet, had 6 wards; some with private rooms, men’s and women’s dining rooms, laundry facilities and sat on 350 acres. Sounds like the perfect facility; except living there was a nightmare for the residents; and yes, they really were called inmates.

The County changed it over to the Countryside Care Center in 1994 although the building was almost empty with very few residents.

It was closed in 2009 and used as a County storage facility until 2016 when it was privately bought and turned into a paranormal attraction.


Paranormal Activity

Apparitions of former patients and staff as well as shadow figures. Objects moving on their own including doors opening and closing on their own. Unexplained noises including crashes and bangs, disembodied voices and screams. Touches, pokes and prods by unseen forces. The phantom sounds of footsteps and children laughing.

Overnight investigations and 2 hour ghost hunts can be booked.