Nartoff Road, Hollis, NH


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In 1769 Benjamin Parker Jr donated part of his farm to become the Hollis cemetery. Many of the founding fathers and their families are buried here although many of the grave markers have not survived the passage of time.

Several members of the Blood family – hence the unofficial name of the burying ground – are buried here. The most famous of them is Abel Blood who has been called a good upstanding Christian man or an evil man neck deep in black magic and the occult. Perhaps he was both.

Either way he is said to haunt the cemetery either looking for his wife or searching for a way home.

Legend says he was murdered – another version says the entire Blood family was murdered – and is unable to find peace.


Paranormal Activity

Mr Blood’s gravestone bears a hand with a finger pointing upward to Heaven. If his gravestone is viewed after sunset, though, the finger points downward to a considerably warmer destination.

There are reports of strange noises in the cemetery than have likened to tapping. These noises will suddenly sound like they are coming from all directions at the same time. There are also unexplained flashes of light after dark.

The cemetery has been reported as having sudden temperature fluctuations; it will suddenly become very warm or very cold.

In 2021 a ghostly figure in a long cloak was photographed in the burial ground leaning over a grave.

The apparition of a little boy is known for flagging down cars passing the cemetery before vanishing out of existence. He is said to related to another murdered family from the area in the 19th century.

This cemetery is considered one of the most paranormally active sites in the State.