Peggy’s Point Road, Peggy's Cove, NS

Status: Natural Wonder; Location of Several Fatal Accidents


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Peggy’s Point Lighthouse is one of the most famous – and photographed - lighthouses in the world. It is operated by the Canadian Coast Guard.

Peggy’s Point itself is a massive granite outcropping on which the lighthouse is built. Despite numerous signs – including one on the lighthouse itself – that the area is prone to violent and unpredictable surf numerous visitors are swept off the rocks every year; many are drowned and some are never recovered.


Legends and Paranormal Activity

There is, of course, a very mundane explanation for naming of Peggy’s Cove: it was originally named Margaret’s Cove – due to the location of it’s entrance being on Margaret’s Bay – and the name was shortened to Peggy at some point.

The second version is far more romantic; and not completely unbelievable: a schooner wrecked in the early 19th century on Halibut Rock, just offshore of what is now called Peggy’s Point, with a loss of all hands except a young woman named Margaret. Margaret stayed in the area, marrying a local man, and eventually the locals began calling the town and cove after her. Margaret would eventually move to North Dakota.

Neither of these legends, however, explain the ghost of the “Lady in Blue”.

A woman moved from Europe to Canada, in the early 19th century, but did not have enough money to bring her 2 children with her. She settled in Peggy’s Cove and married a local man – seeing the similarities yet? – and settled down to earn the money to bring her children over the pond.

Her husband was very much in love with her and one day found her sitting on the point obviously sad due to missing her children. He decided to cheer her up by dancing a jig on the rocks but, unfortunately, slipped and fell killing him instantly. The townspeople found his body but there was no sign of her; legend says she – feeling responsible for his death – walked into the waves never to be seen again.

To this day the apparition of the “Lady in Blue” is seen most often standing on the edge of the rocks poised over the violent sea. Often, she will jump into the sea disappearing before she hits the water’s surface. She is also seen in the waves being washed out to sea and in the waves themselves (where she has been photographed).

The “Lady in Blue” may be the most famous ghost at Peggy’s Point but she not the only one. Countless people have washed off the rocks to their deaths as well as a plane that crashed nearby – SwissAir Flight 911.

Reported Activity: apparitions of people in the sea seemingly desperately trying to get back to shore; phantom screams coming from the water as well as disembodied voices and people often describe not feeling alone on the rocks and as if the sea itself is watching them.