924 Spadina Crescent East, saskatoon, sk

(306) 244-5564

Status: 3 Star Hotel



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As far as haunted locations – especially haunted hotels – go this one hasn’t been around for very long. In 1957 August and Gus Verbeke – 2 brothers – came up with the idea of a hotel on the fabulous Spadina Crescent.

After joining with their other siblings to create financing the construction of the hotel began in 1958.

In 1973 – after multiple expansions – the original 2 brothers took over the ownership after buying out their other siblings.

By 1976 there were 109 rooms with an indoor pool.

In 1999 Gus’ son took over the hotel and added another 65 rooms with breath taking views of the river.


Paranormal Activity

There has been only one known paranormal investigation at this site.

There are reports of a possibility of 6 or 7 and possibly as many as 12 ghosts in this 60+ year old hotel.

It is said that the paranormal activity is due to a number of fatal accidents on site. Although, we could find no records of any of these accidents.

Only 2 ghosts are actually identified on site: 1) a young girl who haunts the ground floor and has been seen and heard playing a piano and 2) a middle-aged man whose ghost haunts the pool area (he is said to have died in what is called “a tragic accident).

A former nightclub that is now used as an events venue called the Cedar Room is said to be very paranormally active, although we could locate no details proving this.

This location is, obviously, in need of further investigations.