255 King Street, Dawson City, YT

(867) 993-7200

Status: Former Theatre; Heritage Property


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As the 19th century came to a close Dawson City was known as the “Paris of the North” during the Klondike gold rush. It was a hard life, and the stakes were quickly bought up, leaving many with nothing but a bag of broken dreams.

Opening in July of 1899 and built by Arizona Charlie Meadows who was a wild west showman, who moved to the Yukon during the gold rush, this theatre was the crown jewel.

It was designed to be both a dance hall as well as a European style opera house.

The building standing today is not the same one that was built at the turn of the century. The current one is an exact replica – built in 1962 – and standing on the same sport as the original.

It also has adopted the ghosts and paranormal activity present in the original structure.


Paranormal Activity

The most famous ghost on site is definitely a female spirit but beyond that not everyone agrees.

Some people think its Klondike Kate who was a famous showgirl from back in the days. Others say it’s the wife of Arizona Charlie Meadows herself who had her thumb shot off by her own husband while she was on stage.

Maybe it's both of them.

The apparition of a woman with red hair is seen sitting in the second floor balconies watching the empty theatre.

The apparition of a woman in a black period dress has been seen sitting on the boardwalk outside of the theatre.

Phantom footsteps are often heard stamping along the hallways on the upper floor. Many believe these footsteps belong to the ghost of Arizona Charlie himself.

People report the strong feeling of a presence of someone on the third floor. A feeling that is usually accompanied with the scent of roses; others have said rosewater.

Other Reported Activity: electrical disturbances including lights turning on and off on their own and a feeling of being watched especially when someone is alone.