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This hotel was constructed in 1930 by a construction company owner.

In 1933 the first inaugural ball for President Franklin D Roosevelt was held here. The hotel also hosted inaugural balls for all the Presidents for the reminder of the 20th century.

The Beatles rented out the entire 7th floor of this hotel when they played in Washington on their first American tour.

Although its ratings from the travel sites seem to have dropped in the last few years this hotel is a huge part of the history of the city and an important cultural landmark.

Just don’t stay in Suite 870 unless you’re up for bunking with a ghost.


Paranormal Activity

Henry L Doherty was a minor financial partner in the hotel when he and his family moved into what is now Suite 870. This also included their maid – Juliette Brown - who died in the apartment within a few months of the move.

Just for clarification it was the maid who died and not their daughter as some stories have said. Neither Doherty’s daughter or wife died in the apartment.

The Dohertys moved out and for 50 years their apartment remained vacant. During that time there were some complaints of noises coming from the apartment by guests staying in neighboring suites.

After 50 years – in 1997 - the hotel converted the former apartment into Suite 870. There are hearsay reports a worker fell to his death while working on the conversion.

Guests and staff have reported paranormal activity from the suite ever since. The hotel now refers to the suite as the “Ghost Suite”.

Phantom whispers of voices are heard. Doors open and close on their own and cold breezes move through the suite with no open windows. Televisions and lights turn on and off on their own.

Staff have reported housekeeping carts moving on the own and furniture in the suite being rearranged when no one has been in the suite. There are also reports of flashing lights and all the dresser and nightstand drawers being pulled out on their own.

There are also still complaints from the neighbors regarding noises coming from suite 870 when no one is occupying it.

Todd Scartozzi, an Omni Hotels manager, stayed in the suite with his family and witnessed a walk-in closet light turning on and off on its own.

Elsewhere the apparition of an older lady in elegant period dress is seen near the elevators and the ghost of a little girl is also seen running in the halls.