23 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA

(912) 232-4286

Status: Former Residence, Former Commercial Businesses, Restaurant



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This building was originally built in 1789 by James Habersham, Jr one of the founding fathers of the city. After his death in 1799 it was converted into the first bank in Georgia in 1812.

After the Civil War it had many uses including a book store and a lawyer’s office. It was then converted into a tea room until after World War II.

Throughout the middle of the 20th century, it was restored and updated finally opening again in 1971 as a restaurant and antique shop. Many of the antiques once sold in the store now decorate the restaurant.

In 2006 the Arches Bar on the south side was added as an expansion. There are 13 dining rooms in total in the building.


Paranormal Activity

There is a story that James Habersham, Jr hung himself in the basement – in which is now the Planter’s Tavern – either distraught over his wife having an affair or over her death. Being as he is buried in consecrated ground that is all but impossible; people who killed themselves were not permitted to be buried in consecrated ground at that time.

His death in 1799 was most likely from natural causes.

Either way, his apparition is seen in the restaurant.

Generally looking as solid as you or I, although, he does frequently disappear suddenly. He is also held responsible for straightening up messy tables and server’s areas. He, apparently, has like for candles and has been reported as lighting candles when staff’s back is turned.

Reportedly, he dislikes the hot humid summers and will only appear between October and March.

 A Revolutionary War veteran is known for raising a glass and proposing a toast. He will disappear before you can take a drink at his invitation though.

Another man – said to be a relative of Habersham’s – will order drinks at the bar and his ghost has been seen leaving the restaurant and heading into the cemetery.

A female ghost is seen and heard crying on the second floor by both staff and customers.

Apparitions of former servants have been seen throughout the house still carrying on their duties. The children of former slaves are seen playing dice games in the basement. They are also known for teasing the staff and even going so far as to throw things.

The ghosts also liked to lock the women’s washroom trapping customers. This happened so often the owner had to remove the lock. Now the ghosts simply hold the door shut forcing female customers to pull it open with a considerable amount of strength.