Old St Mary Hospital

(Manhattan YMCA)(Delta Sigma Phi)

1100 Freemont Street, Manhattan, KS

Status: Former YMCA; Former Hospital; Fraternity Building


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This building was originally constructed by the Kansas State Agricultural College YMCA association at a cost of $24,440 ($815,000 in 2024). It was opened in September of 1908.

The main floor had a main reception room, multiple parlors and a library. The basement contained the kitchen/dining room as well as lockers and showers. The second and third floors contained rooms which were rented out; generally to students.

A $10,000 gym was added sometime previous to 1914 and was used for Kansas State athletic events. During this time the Kansas State Athletics Department moved it’s offices into the building.

In 1926 the building was sold to the Parkview Hospital Company for a mere $3,500 ($62,000 in 2024). They turned it into an open staff hospital called the Charlotte Swift Hospital which specialized in highly contagious diseases.

In 1936 the building was sold to the Sisters of St Joseph and renamed the Saint Mary Hospital.

In 1955 a new more modern hospital was opened and the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity bought the building for $32,000 ($374,000 in 2024).

In 1958 the gym was torn down and a new back wing to the building was constructed.

The fraternity still owns the building today.


Paranormal Activity

In the 1940s a nurse on an overnight shift backed into an elevator with a cart of medications. Unfortunately, the doors had opened without an elevator being present and the nurse fell to her death.

The apparition of the nurse has been seen walking the first floor hallway with her cart of medications and a lit candle eternally completing her duties as she did in life.

Some believe the nurse no longer haunts the building saying she left sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

In 1955 while patients were being moved to the new hospital an elderly patient fell between his bed and the wall. A nurse seeing his room was empty thought he had been moved and he was listed as such. The man died in the night.

Now called George he has been christened as an official member of the fraternity.

He is said to be responsible for turning lights on and off and making a rumbling sound on the third floor which has been said to sound as if someone is bowling down the hallway.

His apparition

When an ice storm knocked out power all over the city the power mysteriously turned back on from 4-5pm in this building only. According to the legend George turned on the power for that one hour so he could watch his favorite show: Star Trek.

George also likes to lock and unlock the window in his former room.

George is also known for fixing broken clocks in the building.