53 Water Street, Gastown (Vancouver), BC

(604) 684-1288

Status: Famous Haunted Restaurant



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In March of 1970 Andy, Lee and Peter Pulos opened their very first Old Spaghetti Factory in Gastown in Vancouver. It was opened in the Malkin Building where there was once a wholesale grocer.

A spaghetti entrée at the time cost $1.75.

The Company is now considered one of the Top 100 Companies to work for in Canada and in the Top 25 Companies to work for in British Columbia.

In 1969 an electric trolley car, No 53, was installed in the restaurant and dining tables were put in it.


Paranormal Activity

The most famous ghost in the restaurant is the conductor in the trolley car. There is debate as to whether he came with the building or the car but it seems rather obvious to most.

He is always seen late at night sitting at the same table in the trolley in his full uniform. Place setting are reported as being moved in the car. There are also numerous reports of cold spots.

A small boy who a medium has identified as Edward is the second ghost in the restaurant. He is said to be responsible for bending the silverware and has placed a chair on top of one of the dining tables when the restaurant was closed.

At least one customer has reported seeing the boy in a mirror.

The boy is also responsible for badly frightening a staff member. He ran by a waitress after closing who followed him knowing a little boy shouldn’t have been running around at that time. The boy ran behind a table against the back wall before looking up at her. Instead of eyes he just had empty black sockets.

The terrified staff member went right to a manager and resigned on the spot.

The same medium who named the boy has also identified an open vortex in the back of the restaurant.

Thirdly, the restaurant has a very mischievous spirit who is seen as a small man – meaning dwarf sized – with a ruddy face and flaming red hair. They call him the little red man or the looky-loo.

He’s known for calling out to staff by their names and running through the kitchen. He also likes the play pranks especially in the women’s washroom where he’s actually been photographed but just looked like a blur.

Finally, there is a little girl who sits in the front window holding a balloon. No knows who she is but did once have a conversation with a friend of the General Manager and revealed that she is looking for her mom.

Testimonial from TE

"I was sitting at a table in the trolley. As I was waiting for my food, I noticed this man, dressed in a conductor’s uniform. He was standing at a table, about 4 tables down, just standing there. There were people sitting there, and nobody seemed to notice him. Which I found a little odd. Then he turned and walked my direction, but he didn’t stop at any other table. He walked right by. I looked back and saw him continue down the trolley, but I never saw him leave the trolley. He was just gone the next time I looked back. Shortly after he disappeared my food arrived and I didn’t think to ask about him. I just thought that maybe he was a re-enactor."