Old Maui High School

1000 Holomua Road, Paia, HI

Status: Former High School; Partially Demolished; Ruins


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Founded in 1913 this school was opened to give free public education for the children of the families working on the sugar plantations. Most students came to school by horse and buggy, on their own horses – definitely a different high school parking lot then we’re used to – or by the long gone Kahului Railway.

In 1921 the massive (17,000 square feet) Central Administration Building – which is the most prominent ruin still standing – was opened.

In the mid to late 1930s the school was at it’s highest level; about 1,000 students.

In 1972 a new modern high school was opened in Kahului and this campus was closed down.

For 30 years the tropical environment had it’s way with the building with trees eventually growing inside them.

In 2002 a massive clean up was organized by the Friends of Old Maui High School. The grounds had become so overgrown the remaining buildings had become nearly impossible to find.

In 2005 a Hawaiian Senator secured a federal grant for $250,000 to study the grounds and find out what can be done with them.

As of 2017 the site is still under study by the EPA.


Paranormal Activity

Per Hawaiian legend all those who have died will eventually come back to the land they roamed when they were living.

Many people believe that the former staff and faculty of this high school have returned to the site.

There are many reports of unseen presences on the site that will choke the living if given a chance.

In a former bathroom – which has been closed since the 70s – the phantom sound of a girl crying can be heard. This may be a residual haunting; I mean who hasn’t cried in a high school bathroom at least once in their life.

Other reported activity: disembodied voices; light anomalies and feelings of not being alone.