(Old City Jail)

21 Magazine Street, Charleston, SC

Status: Former Jail; Formerly Abandoned; Tourist Attraction

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In the 17th century a 4 acre parcel of land was put aside for public use in the city. In the early 19th century, the Charleston Jail would be built there.

The Charleston County Jail was active from 1802 and 1939 and housed some of the worst criminals as well as Union POW’s in the Civil War.

After being decommissioned as a jail, ownership was passed to the City’s Housing Authority who basically let it sit empty for 60 years. In 2000 the American College of the Building Arts – who train how to restore heritage buildings – took over the building until 2016.

A corporation now owns the building and is restoring it and converting it into an office building.


Paranormal Activity

The building contains the ghosts of pirates, soldiers, slaves and murderers but also the wrongly convicted.

In 2000 when the school took over ownership the building had been completely sealed up to avoid lead contamination from the paint. None the less when they unsealed the building footprints were found in the thick dust.

The ghost of a guard is seen on the third floor with his weapon still in hand. He has been known to charge at people before vanishing.

Other Activity: disembodied voices and whispers; objects moving on their own; cold spots; light anomalies; doors open and closing on their own and feelings of being watched and not being wanted.