3645 Louisiana Highway 18, Vacherie, LA

(Great River Road)

(225) 265-2151

Status: Historic Haunted Plantation House; Restaurant; Inn



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The land for this plantation – then known as Bon Sejour - was first bought in 1830 by Valcour Amie. At first there was no plantation house and all the land was used for growing sugar cane.

The plantation house was constructed from 1837 to 1839 by slave labor owned by Amie’s brother-in-law. Amie moved on to other land and the brother-in-law, Jacques Roman, took over the plantation. It was under Roman’s ownership that a slave gardener developed the pecans that could opened by hand that the plantation was famous for.

Roman died from tuberculosis in 1848 and left the estate to his wife. His wife was unable to run the plantation and nearly bankrupted it with her heavy spending. In 1859 her son, Henry took over the estate but with the end of slavery after the Civil War it was not possible.

There were a number of owners after the war but no one could make a go of the estate and it began to fall apart. In 1925 Andrew Stewart bought the plantation as a gift to his wife Josephine. They ran it successfully as a cattle ranch with sugar cane reintroduced in 1960.

Josephine was last owner to live in the plantation house. When she died in 1972, she left the house and the grounds to the Oak Alley Foundation who opened it up to the public.

The name of the plantation is from trees lining the driveway all the way up to the house.


Paranormal Activity

The ghost of Josephine Stewart is said to haunt the plantation. Her shadowy form is most often seen looking out of her former bedroom window.

The lights in her former bedroom will go on and off on their own and often flicker on their own.

The phantom sounds of a horse drawn carriage are heard coming up the driveway towards the plantation house but nothing ever materializes.

People have reported objects moving on their own including candlesticks flying across the room and rocking chairs suddenly rocking in unison with no one in them.

Clouds of dust have suddenly blown up on the grounds when there is no wind and no visible force controlling them.

The phantom sound of someone crying has been reported but no one has ever found the source.

People have also reported being touched by unseen entities.