Highway 61, kaneohe, hi

Status: Natural Wonder; Battle Site; Mass Fatality Site; Suicide Site



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In 1795 this site was where the final battle that united all the tribes of Oahu under the rule of King Kamehameha I. It was a very brutal battle resulting in the deaths of hundreds of warriors many of whom were pushed off the cliff.

At least 400 warriors were pushed to their deaths over the cliff.

It is now one of the most scenic spots on the island providing a windy but beautiful spot to admire the windward north shore. The view point is over 1,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean.

Nu‘Uanu Pali Drive was built over top of the old settlers trail over the mountain chain. It has now been replaced by the modern highway and is considered a scenic back road now.


Paranormal Activity

There are numerous accounts of paranormal activity both at the cliffs and on the road.

The ghost of Cassie walks along the edge of Nu‘Uanu Pali Drive dragging her decapitated head behind her by her spinal cord.

Cassie – a teenage girl - became depressed after her boyfriend dumped her for a cheerleader. Tragically, her depression became so overwhelming and she hung herself from a tree along the drive.

When Cassie didn’t come home that night her parents reported her missing but she wasn’t found for a few days. Meaning in the tropical heat and humidity speeded the decomposition process along and her head became separated from her body before she was found.

The next part of the story smells like an urban legend but who knows.

The scenic road is also used for couples to – shall we say – watch the submarine races. The boyfriend with his new cheerleader girlfriend were parked on the road “getting to know each other” through their lips when Cassie’s head fell right in front of the Cheerleader.

Cassie’s ultimate revenge some would say.

Ever since then the apparition of Cassie has been seen walking along the side of the road with her head trailing behind her.

In another version Cassie jumped to her death from the cliffs and when the former boyfriend brought the new girlfriend there he heard Cassie calling his name and urging him to follow her to the bottom via the same method.

The area along the road has belonged to the Hawaiian Goddess Pele – gifts for her were left here long before the first European invader – and she is known to despise another God – one that is half man and half pig. Taking any pork products through this area is highly unadvisable as sometimes burst into flames.

One man even claims a mug with pigs on it spontaneously shattered while driving down the road.

Several people even tell a story of cars that stalled and would not start until the pork was removed from the vehicle and thrown in the jungle. Never ever mess with a Goddess.

The mo’o mahine – a lizard like monster who can disguise itself as a beautiful woman – is also said to haunt the cliffs, trails and surrounding jungle. One story is off a man who passed a beautiful woman while walking along the trail. He was unable to get her out of her mind but upon reaching a clearing at sunset he was surprised to find the same woman.

The woman beckoned for him not to speak and to follow her as she led him right up to the edge of the cliff. The woman then disappeared, and he swears a reptilian monster standing on 2 feet rushed out of the jungle and tried to push him off the cliff. He was lucky to escape with his life.

At night people also report hearing the screams of the warriors eternally falling to their doom from the cliffs. Disembodied moans and voices are also heard at the bottom of the cliffs and thought to be the vocalizations of the dying warriors who survived the fall.