(Ceres Hall)

1301 Administration Avenue, Fargo, ND

(Minard Hall)

1210 Albrecht Boulevard, Fargo, ND

(701) 231-8011

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Ceres Hall


In 1909 the State Legislature approved the sum of $85,000 ($2,783,000 in 2022 dollars) for the construction of a building for female students. It was constructed by 1910.

Ceres was not the first all female dorm on campus but it was the first all female dorm at the North Dakota Agricultural College.

The building now houses the Office of Administration, Career and Advising Center and other administrative offices.

Paranormal Activity

The paranormal activity in this building is said to be related to a man who hung himself in the early 1940’s from one of the heating pipes.

The third floor is said to instill an empathic sense of unease in people. There are also reports of all the lights suddenly going out on the entire floor.

The basement – where the man hung himself – is said to be home to rather nasty dark entity. Entering it is said to instill an instant and instinctive fight or flight reaction. People who have stayed have reported feeling a very unpleasant entity that moves close to them no matter how often they move away.

Minard Hall


This building was originally called the Science Building. It was built in three stages as money became available starting in 1902 with $25,000 ($866,000 in 2022 dollars). It was originally designed to be the home for the Biology, Geology, Horticulture and Math Departments.

The building is now used by many departments including Science and Mathematics, Social Sciences, German, Spanish, French and English as well as Emergency Management and the Computer Labs.

Paranormal Activity

In the 1920’s the 4th floor of this building was used either as a dance floor or studio depending on which website you read.

One morning when the janitor arrived to work, he found the bodies of a man and a woman. This double homicide has never been solved.

The 4th floor was later converted into a zoology lab.

Eventually the floor became so unstable the entire floor was closed off which, of course, just led to more rumors about what was really happening up there.

Stories of hearing someone walking around up there led fuel to the fire.

People who have managed to get up there tell stories of apparitions, disembodied voices, cold spots and shadows.