(Carleton County Gaol)

75 Nicholas Street, Ottawa, ON

(613) 235-2595

Status: Former Prison, Hostel


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The Nicholas St Jail also known as the Carleton Jail was opened in at 75 Nicholas St right beside the court house in 1862. The jail inflicted inhumane conditions on its prisoners including forcing 150 prisoners into 60 small cells. Prisoners included men. women and children and could range from murderers to the mentally ill down to those arrested for drunk and disorderly.

There are rumors of unmarked graves on the property although only 3 official hangings told place on the grounds. Rumors also abound of several unofficial hangings. After the jail closed in 1972 a bridge was built along side the jail and several bodies were found in unmarked graves. They may still be unmarked graves underneath the parking lot.

After the jail was closed – in 1972 - it was converted into a youth hostel which it remains to this day. The top floor was the former death row and has been restored to its original condition and is available for tours.

In fact, the jail has only been partially converted and guests of the hostel can spend a night in jail. The jail’s gallows are also still intact and can still be viewed.


Paranormal Activity

The most famous ghost is said to be that of Patrick Whelan who was hung for a crime he may not have committed. His body was supposed to be buried in his family plot in Montreal but a judge fearing riots in Montreal ordered the body buried in an unmarked grave on the property.

Phenomena experienced in the building and on the grounds include: disembodied voices, slamming doors and apparitions.