2703 Hume Drive, Silver Springs, MD

Status: Former Resort; Former Girl’s Private School; Former Military Hospital; Residential Properties, Historical Property; Grounds Accessible to the Public



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This location was first developed as Ye Forest Inne in 1887 as a summer resort for Washington DC residents. The resort failed financially and was sold. It reopened in 1894 as finishing school for elegant young ladies.

Every young lady had to become a member of a competing set of sororities. These sororities each designed a special building for their members which how such an eclectic assortment of styles ended up on campus. There is a Japanese pagoda – the only one in Maryland – a Dutch windmill, an Italian villa and an English castle. It was considered one of the finest schools in the US.

In 1936 the school changed its name to the National Park College giving the young ladies more choices for their education.

When World War II broke out the US Army closed the school and took over the property for the Walter Reed Hospital. The facility was to provide seriously injured soldiers a place to rest and recuperate. After World War II and the Korean War, the Army began to lose funding but did its best to keep up the property with Officers living in the unique sorority houses and enlisted men keeping up the former school buildings.

By the 1970’s the Army could no longer keep the property up and it was declared surplus.

The property began to degrade with time and vandalism – the theater was burned down by an arson in 1993. The Army did some work to try to restore the property and volunteers worked to complete the restoration.

In 2003 a development company took over and refurbished some of the buildings into townhouses and condominiums. This company is also responsible for maintaining the historically important buildings left on the property.


Paranormal Activity

Seances and readings by mediums have confirmed there are a number of ghosts on the property – the majority of which are not happy about being deceased or the way they died. These are thought to be the soldiers who didn’t recover from their war time injuries.

Stones have been thrown at people passing by; especially near the castle.

Disembodied voices usually described as being muffled. Areas of the property that are somehow shielded psychically to such a degree the surrounding energy cannot be read. Empathic feelings of intense anger.

Feelings of not being alone, being watched, not being wanted and being followed.

Light anomalies and unexplainable twisting mists are often reported.