1110 Douglas Street, Omaha, NE

(402) 885-7557

Status: Paranormal Museum



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Owners Nate and Kaleigh Raterman opened the museum 6 years ago, though their experiences with haunted objects date back to 2006.

It is now the largest collection of haunted objects in the world – over 3,000 - and was voted the most haunted museum in the world.

The museum is in 2 floors of a 4 story building and is a self-guided tour.

They are constantly collecting new objects and will even come to your house to remove them if you’re unlucky enough to possess one.

All new objects are quarantined and vetted for attachments before being put on display.

Some of the objects are – of course – very unfriendly and some of them just difficult to be around and all are encased in glass preventing any contact with the living.

There are periodic ghost hunts in building with state of the art equipment that can be booked through their website (link above). They also have Sit Challenges where you can sit in a dark room with a haunted object and see if you can make it 10 minutes before pulling the whimp cord.

In the United States you can also watch a show filmed here on Amazon Prime; they have just started filming Season 2.


Paranormal Activity

The museum has a doll named Ayda that has been voted the world’s creepiest doll by Destination America; surpassing both Annabelle and Robert.

Ayda turns her head, moves her arms and legs and has even leaned forward banged her face on the glass before sitting back up. Her last owner kept the doll tied up.

In the basement – where there’s a room full of items that have dark attachments and people comment on the energy being so heavy it can be difficult to breathe – there is Claire; yet another doll.

Claire is the main reasons no one is allowed to touch or interact with the objects. People used to take pieces of Claire’s hair and bad things happened: lost jobs, bankruptcy, car accidents etc. The museum began to get calls from all over looking to return her hair.

Claire is also known to speak and make sounds like crying or saying “help me find my mommy” or just straight up “let me out of here”. People are even warned to be careful what they say around her; she is always listening.

If you’re up for it you can even take the Sit Challenge (see above) with Claire if you dare.

Visitors have also reported seeing apparitions, hearing disembodied voices and there is said to be security footage of objects moving on their own.