310 Mount Washington Hotel Road, Bretton Woods, NH

(603) 278-1000

Status: Operatinal Historical Hotel



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Built between 1900 and 1902 at a staggering cost almost 53 million of today’s dollars by Joesph Stickney; a coal broker. He even brought in 250 Italian artisans to built the granite and stucco masonry. Unfortunately, within a year of it being built Mr Stickney passed away at 64.

The hotel passed to his wife, Carolyn, who wound spend her summers living at the hotel. She added the sun room dining room and the guest rooms built above it. She also added the 4th floor between the towers and a chapel honoring her husband.

The hotel did very well in the beginning but was financially strained by events like Prohibition and the Great Depression. In 1942 the hotel was closed during World War II.

In 1944 the hotel was re-opened by a Boston company and a larger 18 hole golf course was built.

In 1999 the hotel was redesigned and opened for its first winter as an all season resort.

In 2009 the hotel became a resort by adding 25,000 square foot spa and a 25,000 square foot conference center.


Paranormal Activity

Carolyn Stickley seems to have never left the hotel.

Her ethereal wispy apparition has been seen in the hotel hallways and mezzanine many times for many years. She is also known for appearing – always impeccably dressed – in people’s photographs in the hotel.

Mrs Stickney’s old room – Room 314 – is not only still available to stay in but also still contains her original bed. People report the ghostly scent of a floral perfume, objects disappearing and reappearing later and the lighting turning on and off on their own in Room 314.

The apparition of Mrs Stickley has been seen sitting on the bed.

The apparition of little girl has also been seen sleeping in the bed.

In the ballroom, music will suddenly start playing on its own. The curtains have moved on their own in the ballroom as well. The apparition of a woman in a hoop skirt is also seen here.

There is one report of a stock of tea cups and saucers falling and crashing to the floor on their own.