1029 Hudson Road, St Paul, MN

(651) 772-2253

Status: Silent Movie Theater; Restored Art Deco Theater; Seasonal Ghost Tours



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This location was originally built in 1922 as a silent movie theater.

It was renovated in 1933 and in 1950 before closing down in July of 1967.

It was then turned into a warehouse until 2001.

It was then donated to the Portage For Youth; a charity that helps young people and families on the east side of the city.

Portage renovated the theater with monies from both the city and an anonymous donor and reopened it as a theater.


Paranormal Activity

Many people have reported being grabbed at by something unseen; this is especially prevalent late at night so has been experienced more by staff than customers.

People in the basement have been physically clawed by something unseen leaving visible marks on their bodies.

Two former employees haunt the theater. Fred – who has a thing for blonde ladies - is a known prankster and has thrown items at people and Jim who likes to keep the theater neat and orderly.

The apparition of a 6 year old girl who wears a pink dress is known for bouncing a ball on the stage, turning off people’s flashlights and was once photographed peeking out from behind a stool. She is the ghost of Mary who was found strangled to death in the parking lot beside the theater in the 1960’s; the murder remains unsolved.

Other Reported Activity: shadow figures in the balcony; disembodied voices; multiple EVP’s; light anomalies; ghosts responding to requests by the living and feelings of being watched.