(Multnomah County Poor Farm)

2126 SW Halsey Street, Troutdale, OR

(800) 669-8610

Status: Former Poor House; Former Nursing Home; Hotel and Entertainment Complex


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In 1854 the Oregon Territorial Government put the responsibility of caring for the poor and other sections of the population unable to take care of themselves on the Counties. The first facility was built near Canyon Road in Portland’s West Hills – the area is now part of Washington Park – and was called Hillside Farm.

Early in the 20th century Hillside Farm was closed down due to the occupants living in what was called “deplorable conditions”. The Multnomah County Poor Farm was built as a replacement and opened in 1911.

By 1934 an infirmary was built and in 1935 the site reached its maximum population of 614 and area of 345 acres. By the late 1950’s all farming operations had stopped and the name was changed to Edgefield Manor.

By the mid-1960’s the main lodge had become a nursing home and the outbuildings were used for housing developmentally challenged children. As the 1970’s ended the County was looking at plans to close down the facility and in 1983 the last 3 patients were moved to another site.

During the 1980’s the County decided to demolish all the buildings except the jail but ended up in a court battle with a historical society. In 1990 the entire complex was purchased by McMenamins and turned into an entertainment complex.


Paranormal Activity

It is rumored that the McMenamins had a spiritual cleansing done when they bought the property. It is said to have cleaned out some of the nastier ghostly residents.

The hotel neither denies nor confirms the paranormal activity. Their official stance seems to be its up to each individual whether they believe or not.

Hundreds of the less fortunate came to the poor farm over the decades but not all of them left the farm while still alive. There are rumors of an unmarked burial site somewhere on the property; which is entirely possible as most of the guests who died had no family to collect their remains. Although the majority of them were cremated on site.

The apparition of a mother and her young child who died of smallpox shortly after moving into the farm are seen. The woman has been heard on the upper floors comforting her child. She is reported to sing her child nursery rhymes every night at midnight.

Guests going up or down the stairs hear whispers behind them but there is no one there.

A small boy races up and down the halls late at night. When confronted or asked where his parents are he fades away into a mist.

The ghost of a female nurse has been seen walking the halls of the hotel.

One guest complained to management that she was feeling uncomfortable in her room as she felt someone was watching her. A manager went into her room to check with her. Both the guest and the manager clearly heard someone say, “get out”. Needless to say, the guest got a new room.

An elderly lady haunts room 215. She wakes guests up at night by touching their shoulders and is known by the smell of flowery perfume. She is normally a pleasant ghost but has been known to throw guest’s clothes around the room if they are untidy.

Both staff and guests report being touched by unseen presences through the building.