Central City Masonic Cemetery

Nevadaville Road, Central City, CO

Status: Historical Cemetery



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In May of 1859 gold was discovered near Central City and the area’s gold rush began.

In the next few months several other veins of gold were discovered in the area and the area’s population exploded by as much as 10,000.

Between mining accidents and union battles many people were buried in the Masonic Cemetery.

Between 1900 and 1920 the population of Central City dropped drastically as the gold mining dried up. It did increase again in the 1930s but fell in 1940s when gold mining was not considered nonessential in the war effort.

By the 1950s the population had fallen below 200. Today the population of Central City hovers around 100.


Paranormal Activity

The most famous ghost of the cemetery is the “Lady in Black”.

She is only seen once a year when she places flowers on the grave of John Cameron on the anniversary of his death; November 1st. No one knows who John Cameron is or even who his ghostly visitor is.

The general consensus is the “Lady in Black” was the widow of John who visited his grave in life and continues now after her death.

Unexplained sounds from voices to footsteps are often heard in the cemetery.

Light anomalies (orbs) are the most commonly reported paranormal activity. They are seen racing through the cemetery grounds both after dark and in daylight.