4683-4675 Woodland Church Road, Seaford, DE

Status: Bridge; Urban Legend


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At some point in the 19th century Maggie Bloxom was traveling down Woodland Church Road and came to a small bridge over a branch of the Nanticoke River. Upon crossing the bridge something spooked the horse who reared up causing the carriage to flip off the bridge.

Tragically, Maggie was not just killed in the accident but decapitated.

Many say Maggie was pregnant at the time.

Maggie’s grave can be found in a nearby area; and she did die at a young age.


Paranormal Activity

This is another haunted location that can be easily dismissed as just another Urban Legend.

Of course, all Urban Legends are laced with truths and the sheer number of recorded encounters with the paranormal at this site makes dismissal hard.

While the chants of either “Maggie, Maggie, Maggie” or “Maggie, Maggie, we have your baby” are probably not necessary they have become a ritual of local teenagers.

Unexplained figures are often seen moving through the surrounding woods. They are usually seen at night but they may be there in the day as well but it’s not scary to look for ghosts in daylight.

Countless photographs have been taken with light anomalies which cannot be easily written off as dust, moisture or insects. Most of the photographic evidence show the light anomalies moving closer with each photo.

The phantom sounds of horses galloping are reported.

The apparition of Maggie is not witnessed very often but when she does appear she’s headless and has walked right towards the living disappearing when she gets close.