6109 North Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ

(480) 982-4485

Status: Legendary Gold Mine; State Park



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The Lost Dutchman Mine refers to a legendary Apache gold mine thought to be located near the Superstition Mountains and Apache Junction. It is said to contain gold beyond anyone’s dreams.

People have been searching for the mine since the 1890’s but only one person is said to have ever found it – the man who gave the mine its name. Jacob Waltz, a German national – Dutchman comes from Deutsch which is German in Jacob's native tongue – is said to have found the mine but was attacked by the Apache. He survived just long enough to pass the directions to another man; a man who never actually found it even with the directions.

In truth, there are many legends related to this mine including 2 US soldiers finding it and it not being a mine at all but rather a treasure trove hidden by the Apache.

Regardless of what is truth and what is legend a number of people have died trying to find the mine or treasure.


Paranormal Activity

This area is extremely dangerous for anyone but experienced hikers. There are trails that cannot be accessed in the summer because no one could possibly carry enough water to survive.

Apparitions are seen walking in the surrounding desert and canyons – sometimes lost treasure hunters who never returned; sometimes Apache soldiers or armies.

Eerie screams echo through the mountains and empty canyons after dark. Legend says only demons and devils can walk the Superstition Mountains after the sun sets.

It is said you are never alone anywhere near the Superstition Mountains; something or someone is always watching you.

Just to add an extra layer of richness there are also stories of roving cannibals, werewolves and other monsters and UFOs seen.