University of Texas at Austin

302 West 24th Street, Austin, TX

Status: Former Residence; Historic Home; University Building



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By Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 3.0Link


Built in 1893 for Civil War Veteran Major George Littlefield built this house at a cost of $50,000 ($1,656,000 in 2022 dollars). Littlefield made his money in cattle and banking and was a major contributor to the University of Texas.

In fact, Littlefield and his wife Alice are responsible for the funding for Littlefield Fountain and Littlefield Dormitory as well as the Littlefield Building downtown.

When Alice Littlefield – who spent a large portion of her life struck down by severe mental illness but recovered before her death - passed away in 1935, she left the house to the University. The ground floor was renovated and is now used to host University events and the second floor has been turned into offices for the Office of University Events.


Paranormal Activity

The house is said to be haunted by the ghost of Alice Littlefield; She also haunts the University’s freshman female dorm that is named after her but more on that below.

Alice has been seen looking out of the house’s windows. She’s also said to be responsible for the sudden cold spots and feelings of unease inside the house.

There are also sudden disembodied screams and phantom footsteps going up the staircase reported in the house.

There’s a portrait in the house of Alice that people feel constantly is watching and judging them.

In the dormitory there are unexplained sounds and rattling heard. As well, singing and moaning is heard in the walls.

Alice also acts like a guardian angel to the students living in her residence with many stories of unexpectedly avoiding physical accidents or an unseen force helping them out.

The students even hold an annual séance in the residence to communicate with Alice.