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Status: Former Residence; Former Boarding House; Restaurant and Inn


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This house was built in the early 1860’s as the residence of the Lemp family. They were owners and brewers of Falstaff beer which was had a huge amount of the St Louis beer market previous to Prohibition.

Adam Lemp began the brewery and his son William Sr vastly expanded it. William Sr shot himself in the head in his bedroom after a long battle with failing mental health. His son, William Jr took over the family business but was extravagant with his inherited money. When Prohibition came in 1919 he would eventually sell the brewery cheaply and soon after shoot himself in the heart – many would say because he felt he failed his father.

William Jr’s sister also shot herself – although it is unclear if this was in the house or not.

The Lemp family lived in the house until 1949 and even used it as brewery offices until 1922 when the brewery was sold. The last Lemp – Charles – in the house committed suicide in his bed.

In the 1950’s the house became a boarding house losing most of it’s charm and uniqueness. In the 1960’s the construction of Interstate 55 destroyed most the grounds and one of the carriage houses.

The house is currently a basement restaurant and inn. 1.5 hour paranormal investigations can be booked including the use of an infrared camera on site.


Paranormal Activity

It is said this house is never quiet for those who know how to listen.

The majority of paranormal activity happens in attic, on the stairway and the area of the basement that used to access the caves used for beer storage – the staff have nicknamed this area the “Gates of Hell”.

In 1975 when the mansion was being renovated into a restaurant and inn workmen complained of seeing apparitions, hearing strange noises, having their tools disappear and feeling like they were being watched. Some even left the job site never to return they were so scared or disturbed.

The attic is said to be haunted by the “monkey faced boy” who was William Jr’s illegitimate son and was born with Down Syndrome. He was confined to the third floor of the mansion his entire life. People report seeing his face looking down on from the third floor windows to this day. Investigators have brought in toys and left them in the attic only to find them moved the next day when no one living had been in the attic since.

In the downstairs women’s bathroom – that was once William Jr’s private room – a man has been seen looking over the top of the stalls at women using the facilities. One woman went so far as to accuse the 2 men in the bar but the bartender verified neither had left their bar seats the entire time.

In William Sr’s old room there have been phantom sounds of someone running up the stairs and kicking the door. William Jr is known to have done that when he heard his father’s suicidal gunshot.

In the parking lot north of the mansion the phantom sounds of horses have been heard. Horses were once tethered in this area.

Other Activity: apparitions that suddenly appear before disappearing just as quickly; glasses have lifted off of the bar on their own or moved while untouched; disembodied voices and other unexplained bangs and noises; the piano in the bar will play on it’s own; light anomalies; electrical disturbances including lights turning on and off on their own; objects moving on their own including doors opening and closing and feelings of not being alone and being watched.