Launch Complex 34

Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida

Status: Former Saturn and Apollo Launch Site; Multiple Casualty Site and Memorial; Deactivated; Tourist Site



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Construction began on this rocket launch pad in 1960 and it was officially opened on June 5, 1961.

Between October 27, 1961 and March 23, 1963 the first 3 Saturn Rockets (Block I) were launched for this pad. Saturn Block II were launched from LC 34’s sister pad LC 37.

On Friday, October 27, 1967 Lt Col Virgil I Grissom, Lt Col Edward H White II and Lt Commander Roger B Chaffee were killed when a cabin fire ignited in the Apollo 1 Command Module. Apollo 1 was supposed to be the first manned mission in the American plan to put someone on the moon.

There are 2 memorial plaques and 3 benches – one for each astronaut – on the site commemorating the 3 men’s sacrifice.

On October 11, 1968 the first crewed Apollo mission – Apollo 7 – launched from LC 34 closing the pad for good. It the 1970’s the site was officially mothballed by NASA.

Once closed the umbilical tower and support structure were knocked down leaving only the pad intact. It now serves as a memorial to the 3 astronauts who were killed.


Paranormal Activity

Many people believe the launch pad is haunted by the spirits of the 3 astronauts who died in the accident in 1967.

Not having investigated this site I can only hazard an informed opinion, but based on the reports I believe it is more likely a this is a residual haunting created during the accident.

The most common reported activity is overpowering empathic sensations of fear, sadness and impending doom. Emotions captured just before and at the time of tragedy now imprinted on the etheric.

It is rumored that tours of site have been cancelled due to so many people being overcome with the energy here.

People have also reported seeing phantom flames and/or a flash experience of intense heat.

The phantom sounds of screaming and coughing are also reported.

There are even reports of seeing the apparitions of the three astronauts or just Gus Grissom alone at the launch pad.