Dry River Trail, White Mountains, NH

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Status: Full-Service Hiker’s Cabin



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Built in 1901 on the site of the original shelter after 2 hikers died in Mt Washington’s extreme conditions. It is the Appalachian Mountain Club’s highest hut at an elevation of 5,030 feet and only about 1,200 from the mountain’s summit.

This cabin offers a base for exploring the White Mountains including Mount Washington and Mount Monroe.

The cabin offers washrooms – with cold running water – coed bedrooms as well as dinner and breakfast. It is completely off the grid with no electricity or heat and only accessible by hiking. Full service is only available in the summer and fall.


Paranormal Activity

Mount Washington has some of the most extreme conditions in the world and even holds the World Record for the fastest wind on Earth at 231 mph. In the winter temperatures can reach -50 fahrenheit. This mountain should only be attempted by the most experienced climbers with all the needed gear.

Since records have been kept Mount Washington has killed over 150 people attempting to hike it.

Not everyone who died on the mountain has left the mountain. There are so many ghosts in or surrounding this hut they are simply known as “The Presence”.

There are boots nailed to the wall of this hut because it was the only way to stop them from walking on their own after their former owners died on the mountain. Apparitions of those who the mountain claimed are seen eternally hiking the treacherous or wandering around the cabin – one employee sent to open the cabin was found hiding under a sink after being terrorized by a sea of ghostly faces.

One must always remember that the ghosts are always listening. People who have made off color remarks about those the mountain claimed tell stories of being slapped or punched by unseen presences; these presences have also given people a shove in not-so-great places to suddenly lose your footing.