Lafitte Guest House

(Lafitte Hotel & Bar)

1003 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA

(504) 581-2678

Status: Former Hospital Site; Former Residence; 3 Star Hotel



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In 1793 a Charity Hospital was built on this site. It ran until 1809 when it burned to the ground.

It is unclear whether there were any fatalities in the fire.

The land was put up for sale and a brick and wood mansion – per contemporary descriptions – was built and was used as a residence by numerous families.

In 1848 Paul Gleise bought the site and tore down the simple mansion to build one of his own. The Gliese family owned the mansion until 1869 when they sold it.

The Gliese mansion continued to be used as a residence until it was turned into a hotel at some point in the 1900’s. It’s location was perfect as bars and restaurants were built around it as New Orleans became a vacation destination.

In the late 1960’s the current owners – Edward Dore and Andrew Crocchiolo – bought the property. The originally hired a manager to run the hotel but since 2007 have run it themselves.


Paranormal Activity

Room 21 is the center of the haunting in the hotel.

A little girl named Marie died of Yellow Fever in this room. Her mother, unable to cope emotionally with the loss of her daughter and would die years later in that same room.

Marie was between 8 and 10 years old when she died. Her apparition is seen in a mirror just outside of Room 21. She is also known for befriending children who are guests of the hotel. These children report Marie as appearing as a living child while she plays and talks to them.

Apparently, Marie’s mother has also stayed on in the room. The ghost has spoken to at least one medium but has not confirmed herself as Marie’s mother. She obviously, though, very sad as an intense etheric feeling of sadness and grief is also reported in the room.

The phantom sound of a woman crying is also heard in the room.

The woman also moves around the entire hotel and is well known for switching lights on and off. Her apparition has also been seen walking through the building.

The phantom sound of a baby crying is heard throughout the hotel. This is thought to be related to the charity hospital that once stood on the grounds.