At Keddie Resort Road and Spanish Oaks Lane, Quincy CA

Status: Non-Operational Partially Demolished; Cabin 28 has been Completely Demolished; May be For Sale although the only Real Estate Listing confirmed to be the Resort leads to a Dead Link

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Before the gruesome torture murders this location was a extremely popular resort. People came in droves and drove from as far away as San Francisco to stay at the resort and eat at the wildly popular restaurant.

Then came April 11/12, 1981:

On the morning of April 12, 1981, 14-year old Sheila Sharp who had slept at a sleepover next-door and returned to Cabin 28 at the popular Keddie Resort, where her family had been living for the past two months. What she found there would cast a permanent shadow over this bucolic vacation spot in the northern Sierra Nevadas of California. The walls and furniture had been destroyed and were covered with blood. Amid the chaos were the bound, mutilated and nearly unrecognizable bodies of her mother Glenna Susan "Sue" Sharp, 36, her brother John, 16, and his friend Dana Wingate, 17. Her sister Tina, 13 was missing; three younger children, her two other brothers and their friend, were unharmed in another room.

John Sharp and Dana Wingate had hitchhiked to Keddie from Quincy, Calif., the night before, possibly after a party. Either awaiting them, accompanying them, or soon to follow them were the killers, who used duct tape and electrical wire to truss Sue, John and Dana Wingate, as well as Tina Sharp. Then, over the course of ten hours, the killers brutally attacked the group—and their surroundings—with steak knives and a claw hammer. The next cabin was a mere 15 feet away, but neighbors and passersbys didn't hear a thing.

Tina Sharp wasn't there when police arrived, but subsequent investigation showed that she had been there part of the night. The friend who'd been in the other room was able to convince police that Tina had indeed been there, and helped them determine that there had been two assailants and put together sketches of the pair. The killers were never caught. Some think the neighbors who'd invited Susan Sharp to a bar that night (she declined) were involved—the list of accusers at one time included one of the men's own wife. Other locals whisper about Satanic worship; yet others suggest there was a drug connection, either through the two young men or in a case of mistaken identity.

In a gruesome coda, Tina's skull and some of her bones were found three years later near a waterfall fifty miles down the hill. The case has never been solved.

The resort quickly fell into disrepair. The long time owner, Gary Molaith, renovated the site but the ghosts and terrible memories of the tragedy could not be forgotten and this location is still known as the former resort of Keddie. Some of the cabins were eventually rented out again but Cabin 28 remained empty - it began to gain a truly evil reputation and soon the stories of the hauntings would emerge.

In 2004 Mr Molaith razed Cabin 28 to the ground, only a space of (some would say cursed) ground remains where it once stood. Despite the owners best intentions the resort is now listed as closed and completely abandoned.

These murders were the inspiration of the 2008 movie - The Strangers.

Paranormal Activity

People have seen portions of the gruesome crime re-enacted before their eyes. Phantom moans have been heard. Doors open and slam on their own. The word "No' was seen etched into the front door with a pitchfork leaning nearby - minutes later both the word and the tool had completely disappeared. A famous psychic said the word was the victims still crying out against their attackers - she also warned that demolishing the cabin will not quiet the ghosts.

And it hasn't.

There have also been reports of seeing the apparitions of the victims hung in mid-air twisting violently. Symbols have been seen scrawled into the walls reappearing and disappearing in an endless cycle.

Other reports include: light anomalies; feelings of anger, hate and darkness; intense feelings of unease to point of causing physical illness and mysterious mists.