(Rhode Island School for the Feebleminded)(Exeter School)

Narganst Drive and Main Street, Exeter, RI

Status: Former School for the Developmentally Delayed; Formerly Abandoned; Completely Demolished


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This location was demolished in 2013 – 2014. Although, much like many other locations, it is very likely that the demolition did not end the paranormal activity.

Originally known as the Rhode Island School For The Feeble Minded (yah we know, suffice it to say it was a different time), this facility was opened in 1907. It was originally a farm colony with patients and staff housed in cottages.

In 1909 a girl's dormitory was built and a waiting list established for the male patients. The name was changed to the more civilized "Exeter School" in 1917. By the late 1920's the institution had become a virtual wasteland for society's unwanted.

In the 50's Dr Ladd himself would retire amid growing controversy and allegations and in the 80's both the private mental health facilities and the state attempted to close the facility but it would not fully close until 1993.

Whether completely true or not (and more than likely exaggerated) there are stories of horrible abuse including rapes, beatings and even burning patients alive. This site does seem to have left a echo of pain and sadness that continues to this day even with the structures destroyed.


Paranormal Activity

Light anomalies, objects yanked or slapped out of people's hands, electronic devices malfunctioning including turning on when there is no power source, phantom footsteps, phantom screams and cries for help, feeling of being watched and not wanted

Feelings of being followed, empathic feelings of intense pain, anger, fear and/or sadness, shadow figures and being stalked by shadow figures, phantom winds, sounds of things being dragged over the floors, apparitions of former patients, disembodied voices and doors opening and closing on their own.

Like we said it is unlikely than merely tearing down the buildings would end this level of activity and may have even increased it. There are also rumors of a crematorium and decrepit cemetery still on site.