(United Verde Hospital)

200 Hill Street, Jerome, AZ

(888) 817-6788

Status: Former Hospital; Formerly Vacant; Historic Hotel; Private Ghost Tours are No Longer Allowed on the Property


Paranormal Investigations are no Longer Allowed


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This building was originally constructed as a hospital in 1926; opening in January 1927 as the United Verde Hospital it was state of the art for its time. The hospital was owned by the mining company United Verde Copper Company.

Later it was owned by the Phelps Dodge Mining Company.

Before it closed in 1950 the hospital would become the best equipped hospital in all of Arizona. The original elevator – which was Arizona’s first self service one – is still used in the hotel.

After 44 years of remaining abandoned the building was bought by Larry Altherr in 1994 who converted the old hospital into a hotel.

The hotel opened in 1996; Larry remains the hotel’s owner.


Paranormal Activity

Although the hotel is very open to the haunting private ghost tours are no longer given due to privacy issues. The lobby and restaurant are open to the public but the guest floors are only open to registered guests.

Approximately 9000 people died in this building while it was a hospital. Despite the rumors – and the on site restaurant’s name - this building was never used as an insane asylum or a tuberculosis sanatorium.

This location is one of the most paranormally active locations in North America. Conservatively, staff and guests have over 1000 encounters with the paranormal per year; possibly that number is much higher. It has become a haven for wanna-be ghost hunters

The third floor – formerly the operating theaters – is the most well known for activity. The most active room is said to be Room 35; a former patient room with a balcony where, at least, two suicides have taken place. One by jumping and another by gunshot.

The most famous ghost is that of Claude Harvey. Claude was a maintenance man during the time the building was a hospital. He was found pinned by the elevator on April 3, 1935 but there was no way the elevator could led to his death. The mining company had no interest in finding out what really happened so there was no autopsy done. All the coroner’s inquest proved was that the elevator was not his cause of death. Most people think Claude was murdered.

Claude is heard still going about his normal day in locations like the stairways, the elevator and the boiler room. He is believed to be responsible for sudden lights appearing in the elevator, and a shadow figure seen in the halls and on the stairs. Although his ghost has never hurt anyone, his presence is said to be unhappy to slightly threatening and has made many of the living uncomfortable. The front desk staff have even seen a menacing shadow on the stairs seeming to glare at them.

In 1982 the caretaker, Manoah Hoffpauir, was found hanging from a pipe in the office he was using to look after the vacant hospital. The building was completely empty, so the truth can never truly be known, but his death was ruled as suicide.

Despite the number of human deaths in the former hospital the second most famous ghost isn’t human at all. The ghost of a cat haunts the building and is frequently felt brushing against people’s legs; it was even photographed in Room 20 sitting on a table in 2008. The cat is often heard meowing and scratching at doors to be let in rooms and is famous for leaving perfect cat shaped imprints on beds that were immaculately made just seconds before.

The phantom sounds of coughing, voices, labored breathing, moans and cries for help have been heard in building all the way back to when the hospital was still operational. They are thought to stem back to a flu epidemic in town that resulted in many deaths.

The ghost of a 4-6 year old boy haunts the third floor. He is most known for running up and down the halls late and night resulting in more than one call down to the front desk to complain. Often, he is heard crying or laughing. He’s also said to be responsible for unlocking doors at night and turning fans off and on.

The sound of a baby crying is heard on the 3rd and 4th floors as well as the phantom smells of baby powder and zinc oxide.

The ghost of a bearded man – thought to be a miner – has been appearing in the building since its hospital days. He was seen by both patients and nurses and known for turning lights back on after staff had left. His apparition is still seen in the hallways of the second and third floors.

The Front Desk staff get calls from rooms known to be empty with no one on the line. The apparition of an elderly lady in a white dress is seen in the front lobby near the elevators. A staff member arranged some chairs in the lobby only to turn around and find them put back in their original position.

Another employee at the Front Desk heard noises from the gift shop. When they entered the shop, they found things had been pushed off the shelf onto the floor.

Witnesses watched a plaque with the hotel rules lift off a nail and float to the middle of the Lobby.

The ghosts are known for playing games with the cleaning staff by slamming doors, calling their names and – in one case – a cold wind which whipped right through the staff.

Other Activity: phantom smells of flowers, cigar smoke and alcohol; light anomalies; electrical disturbances and feelings of being watched and not being alone.