(Jeff Davis Artist Lofts)(Elder St Lofts)

1101 Elder Street, houston, tx

(713) 223-2787

Status: Former Hospital; Formerly Abandoned; Residential Complex

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By <a href="//" title="User:Euthman">Ed Uthman</a>, Houston, Texas, USA - <span class="int-own-work" lang="en">Own work</span>, CC BY 3.0Link


A former hospital that has now been converted into lofts.

Jefferson Davis Hospital opened on December 2, 1924 as the first city owned permanent hospital. Due to the fast growing population of the city a second Jefferson Davis Hospital was opened in 1937 but that building was demolished in 1999.

The hospital was built on the site of a large cemetery from the 19th century containing many Civil War soldiers from both sides. The building was built above ground in attempt not to upset the families who had loved ones in the cemetery. It has since been revealed that most of the remains were not removed when the hospital was built.

The hospital was used for many different purposes including: a hospital (to state the obvious) 1924-1938, an addiction recovery center, a venereal disease clinic, a juvenile detention center and, finally, records storage.

The site was abandoned for 20 years before it was converted to lofts.

The following is a floor by floor description of when the building was operating as a hospital. The first floor was used for a pharmacy, the clinic and the negro ward (as it was called at the time). The second floor contained the laboratory, the men’s ward, the kitchen and living quarters for the housekeeping staff. The third floor was used for the women’s ward, the OB ward and the psychiatric ward (padded cells still existed until the building was renovated into lofts). The fourth floor contained operating rooms and the children’s ward which had access to the rooftop garden and patio.


Paranormal Activity

Apparitions of former staff, soldiers, slaves and former patients; shadow figures; feeling of being watched; feelings of intense misery and sadness; phantom footsteps; light anomalies, disembodied voices; smell of disinfectant; screams, cries, bangs and other noises and the feeling of being followed.

Based on continued reports the activity continued after the building was converted into lofts in 2005.