denali national park

Status: Partially Constructed Hotel; Never Opened or Used; Former Gas Station; Being Repurposed


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There is a lot of versions of the story of this location - much of which is contradictory – although the major players seem to stay the same.

In the 1970’s Leon Smith, a railroad worker, began using the scrap lumber and other materials to build his dream hotel modeled after the igloos Alaska’s native population constructed.

Other versions of the story say Smith was an adventurer who owned the original gas station on the property. In this version he cleared out the land behind the gas station to build his hotel; which at least explains how he came to own this land.

Even in Alaska you can’t just built whatever you want wherever you want.

This property is located about halfway between Fairbanks and Anchorage; so essentially in the middle of nowhere.

The igloo is 80 feet (24.4 metres) high and 105 feet (32 metres) wide. Put another way, this structure is said to be visible from jets flying over at 30,000 feet.

The exterior, made of wood and urethane, was constructed but the windows were deemed to small for a commercial property. And that was just the beginning of Smith’s issues with the creation of his hotel.

In the end, due to financial problems, Smith sold the property and igloo to Brad Fisher in the 1990’s. Fisher operated a gas station on the grounds and also attempted to make Igloo City a reality, but it proved too expensive for him as well.

There being no electricity on site is one of the unsurmountable issues; everything has to be run from generators; adding a huge price tag to both building the hotel and operating it. And there’s the bears; one of the scariest grizzly bear attacked happened only a half mile away when a man had his head clamped in the jaws of the bear resulting in an injury requiring 1,000 stitches and 7 hours of surgery.

Fisher – despite the stories of there being multiple owners – is still the owner of the property; although he his has put it up for sale more than once.

According to recent posts (202t-22) the property has been leased to a company who are looking to open a distillery complete with a tasting bar and restaurant here. The company also hopes to be able to buy the property in the future.


Paranormal Activity

The paranormal activity is said to be possibly related to an aboriginal burial ground nearby.

The hotel, thus far, has not been completed so no one has ever stayed here – let alone died here – although it’s been abandoned since some time in 2005.  Meaning this may be another case of a tulpa: a Buddist belief that a supernatural entity can basically be created by people’s belief that there should be haunting.

While a tulpa may not be a spirit or ghost per say they certainly fall under the category of paranormal activity.

The reported activity reported at this site includes a woman in white who is seen either looking out of or passing by one of the building’s small windows and unexplainable light anomalies from streaks of colors to orbs.

There are reports of feeling as if you are being watched but that may just be a natural reaction to be all alone in the middle of nowhere.