900 W Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC

(604) 684-3131

Status: Historical 4 Star Hotel



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Close Up of the Windows the Lady in Red’s Been Photographed In

Photos Courtesy of Craig M


This hotel is the third to use the name Hotel Vancouver; the other 2 were operated by the Canadian Pacific Railway and built in 1888 and 1916 respectively. Both were located south and east on Georgia Street from the existing hotel.

Construction of this hotel began in 1929 but it wasn’t finished until 1939 due to financial issues during the Great Depression. It was the tallest building in Vancouver until 1972 when the TD Tower was put up.

It was built by Canadian Pacific Hotels – part of the Canadian Pacific Railway – and one of French Chateau hotels they built all over Canada in an attempt to promote tourism; traveling by rail of course.

The hotel also has gargoyles and relief sculptures done by some of Canada’s most prominent artists at the time.

In 2018 the hotel began a 4 year renovation project to rework the lobby and guest rooms. They also restored the 14th floor back to it’s original style in 1939.

The hotel has 17 floors with 557 rooms, 2 suites, a spa and a swimming pool.


Paranormal Activity

The hotel only has one known ghost. The beautiful and benevolent “Lady in Red”.

Many believe she’s the Vancouver socialite Jennie Pearl Cox who danced many a night away in the hotel’s ballrooms shortly after it opened. Jennie died in a car accident in 1944 and may have moved into her favourite night spot to spend eternity in.

The Lady is seen either on the first floor or the 14th floor.

On the ground floor she is usually seen near the elevators and has been seen moving through a pair of locked and unused of doors. Curiously, the reason the doors are unused is that they lead to a dummy elevator shaft that only goes from the ground floor to the 14th floor.

On the 14th floor she is often seen gliding through the hallways.

She’s also seen in the rooms on that floor.

One Japanese family called down to the front desk asking if their room had been double booked. You see there was a lady in a red dress in their room.

Another time a bellman helping a family into room 1403 saw a lady in a red dress follow the family into the room. However, when he followed them, the lady was nowhere to be seen.

The most recent activity is the security camera in the stairway at the 14th floor has been picking up phantom footsteps and other unexplained sounds when the area is completely deserted.