(Grandview Apartments)

600 Altamont Street, Marquette, MI

Status: Former Catholic Orphanage; Formerly Abandoned; Low Income Housing

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Construction on this $2.5 million – in today’s dollars – building began in 1914 and was completed in 1915. The first occupants were 3 nuns and 60 Aboriginal children.

The Aboriginal children had been transferred from another facility after being stolen from their parents to be forced into white culture. In the beginning the orphanage only accepted kids aged from the second grade to the eighth grade but later they would accept both infants and older children.

In 1963 the facility took in refugee children from Cuba. In 1965 the facility was closed down and in 1981 the last of the administration left.

From 1981 to 1998 the building was completely abandoned and became the target of urban explorers, teenagers and paranormal investigators. It was then to be converted into an assisted living facility but that failed.

The next dream in 2008 was to create a school for the performing arts but that fell through as well. In 2016 renovation finally began and the old building was turned into low-income apartments.


Paranormal Activity

It is possible – even likely – that this institution did some good in its long history. What is clear is that it most definitely did some bad; evil would be a better word.

Based on the Residential School scandal in Canada as well as other events of the past neither the Catholic Church nor any other Christian charity have a good record with taking care of children under their care in the 19th and 20th Centuries; especially Aboriginal children.

Survivors – and that’s what they should be called – of this institution tell stories of severe beatings by the nuns and of stories of children being left out in the Northern Michigan winters. There is even a story of a little girl who went outside in a blizzard and became lost. A nun had to rescue her but she died of pneumonia none the less. The nuns are said to have left the body of the little girl on display in the lobby as a warning to any others who dared to disobey them.

Sound unbelievable? I direct you again to the discoveries related to Canada’s Residential Schools.

At least one medium has attempted contact with the souls trapped here and they were blasted with a freezing cold wind and slammed with a smell of death so vile they literally vomited.

Apparitions of children are seen both inside the building and on the grounds. They some show heavy bruising and other ghastly marks of brutal beatings. Phantom sounds are heard of children crying, a little girl moaning, footsteps, whispers and voices. The sounds of children crying is said to be especially loud in the former lobby.

Objects have moved on their own including a baby carriage that rolled across the floor for no physical reason. A glowing green orb has been witnessed in the basement.

Before the conversion when the building was abandoned locals would see lights moving quickly through the building as well as lights flickering.