Historic Scott County Jail

214 Litton Covered Bridge Road, Huntsville, TN

(423) 663-5353

Status: Former Jail; Heritage Property; Center for Paranormal Research



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This historic jail was built in 1904; it is one of the oldest buildings in Scott County.

Its walls are built from 5x4x3 blocks of local sandstone.

The jailer’s quarters were located on the first floor. The third floor was added in 1922 to house maximum security prisoners.

The building was capable of holding 50 prisoners from drunks to murderers. There were suicides in the building as well as a fire on the third floor; it is unclear whether there were any fatalities in the fire.

For a short period in the 1960s the prisoners were transferred to a new facility but when there was an escape they were transferred back to this facility.

This jail was closed for good in 2008.

It is now owned by 2 ladies with a strong interest in the paranormal.


Paranormal Activity

The reports of paranormal activity predate the jail closing.

The former drunk tanks – which now serve as the site’s restrooms - are said to be the most paranormally active locations in the building.

The apparitions of both prison staff and inmates have been seen.

Shadow figures have been seen in the building as well as appearing in photographs.

Phantom footsteps are often heard on the stairway. The sounds of someone running is also heard in the building with no one present in that area.

Pictures have flown off of walls with no one nearby. Objects will unexplainably disappear (for that extra creepy feel its sharp objects that disappear the most frequently).

People have reported the bars shaking on the third floor cells as if something heavy and invisible had fallen against them.

Disembodied whispers, humming and other unexplained sounds are heard.

The owners and some investigators have felt touches on their shoulders by unseen entities.

Flashlights have blinked on and off in response to questions posed by the living.