By Craig Mitton and Darkling Ghost

820 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg, MB

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In 1973 the Health Sciences Centre was established by the Provincial Government uniting the Children's Hospital of Winnipeg and Winnipeg General Hospital (Winnipeg General Hospital will be the subject of a future article) as well as other smaller health facilities.

The amalgamation was done to group everything under one administration group; in 2000 the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority took over the operations of the medical complex. This hospital is the largest in Winnipeg.

This facility is also associated with the University of Manitoba as well as being used as a research centre and teaching hospital for residents of Northwestern Ontario and Nunavut and employs over 6000 people.


Paranormal Activity

Apparitions of former staff and patients have been witnessed wandering the hospital. In a rarely used portion of the building there a phone inside an old elevator that makes calls to other parts of the building with no one on the other end of the line. The elevator has been examined many times when this happens but the phone is found still on the receiver and still covered in dust.

Phantom footsteps are heard in empty rooms that immediately cease once the living enter the room, these footsteps have also been heard echoing in empty hallways.

One couple had a woman beat them to the bank of elevators so they waited behind her for the elevator to come. When it did this woman entered and went straight to the back of the elevator. They decided to wait for the next one but the doors began to close they suddenly stopped and reopened like someone put arm up to block them. The couple then entered the elevator to find it empty with no sign of the woman they both watched enter.

This facility is located where the original the original Winnipeg General Hospital was located which already had numerous stories relating to the paranormal including: phantom footsteps; balls of light traveling through the halls; doors opening and closing on their own and unexplained noises from whispers to loud bangs.

According to staff here the 5th floor is the most haunted.

Per Our Winnipeg Representative (Darkling Ghost):

The Health Sciences Centre is just eerie. I didn't have my daughter delivered there,, but I heard mothers would hear phantom voices during their stay. My mom was there for surgery and she said she saw a man and a doctor talking outside her door and the man peeking in at her. But other nurses said no one was really there. She could hear the conversation. Now, she says it was the anesthesia, but it does inline with other's claims. I didn't want to scare her so I left her with her own explanation. These reports are not as rampant as other hospitals in the city.