(Sometimes called Grave’s Island)

26 Grey’s Island Road #18, Hillsborough, NB

Status: Historic Cemetery; Urban Legend


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Years ago, a man’s wife was murdered leaving him broken hearted. Obviously, it was impossible for him to bring his wife back to life, so he commissioned a statue of her to be made. He put the statue in his backyard and was seen many times seeming to be engaged in conversations with the statue as if she was his wife; or perhaps just the next best thing.

When the husband finally passed away himself, he was found curled up at the bottom of his wife’s statue. The wife’s statue was moved to the family plot at Grey’s Island Cemetery after the husband’s death.


Paranormal Activity

There are now 2 versions to the legends surrounding this statue. Each involve circling the statue three times – and, yes, three is a common number in these urban legend type stories - and three is a powerful number so its not without precedent.

One story is the statue’s eyes will open and even cry blood.

The other story is once you’ve done your three circles you must keep your back turned to the statue. She will then reach and touch your shoulder. Rumor has it a number of people have had to go to the hospital from the shock of this actually happening.

The statue’s hand has since been taken; either stolen as a ghoulish souvenir or by the cemetery to stop people from trying out the legend. Either way removing the hand hasn’t affected it at all; the statue will still reach out and touch your shoulder.  

Judging by recent photos her head has also been removed too.