Piney Fork Road, South Park Township, PA

Status: Abandoned Railway Tunnel; Salt Storage Area; Urban Legend


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This tunnel is the subject of one of the Pittsburgh area’s most popular Urban Legends. As always be careful just dismissing any Urban Legend as there’s always some truth to it.

The Tunnel is used by Pittsburgh to store road salt.

In this case the truth concerning who the Green Man or “Charlie No Face” really is relatively easy to discover.

When he was 8 years old Raymond Robinson climbed a pole trying to get close to a bird’s nest. The pole was holding up the trolley lines with one carrying 2,000 volts and the other 22,000 volts.

Just a year earlier contact with these lines had killed another young boy.

Unfortunately, Raymond also touched the lines but – to the doctor’s surprise – he survived. However, the accident cost him his eyes, nose and his left arm.

Raymond spent the rest of his life living with relatives and only going out at night as his disfigurement would cause panic in the streets if he went out in daylight. After sunset he would take long walks down the highway feeling his way with his stick. He was hit a number of times by cars but lived until 1985.

So, you’re asking what does this have to do with a Green Man and a tunnel?

According to legend Raymond turned green because of the electricity – this doesn’t appear to be true – and legend says he lived in an abandoned house near the tunnel when he was older. Raymond actually spent his last days in the Beaver County Geriatric Center.


Paranormal Activity

So why do an article about this location at all?

It could be a tulpa created by belief in the legend but there is no question there is paranormal activity at this location.

There are multiple reports of people seeing a misty green colored and human shaped form near or in the tunnel.

There are also reports of phantom footsteps and whispers; light anomalies and electrical disturbances.