69 – 79 Columbia Avenue, Goldfield, NV

Status: Former Hotel; Formerly Abandoned; For Sale; Famous Haunted Location

There are Some Websites saying this Location is open for Tours but Reviews in 2020-21 all State the Hotel was Closed.

Travel Nevada is Showing the Hotel is Open in 2024 


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Completed in 1908 at a cost of $300,000 to $400,000 ($9.7 million to $13 million in 2022 dollars) it is rumored to have had champagne flowing down the stairs on opening day. Upon opening the hotel was said to be the most spectacular hotel in all of Nevada.

All of it’s 154 rooms contained deep pile carpeting and most included a private bath; a rare luxury in the early 20th century. The lobby was filled with black leather furniture and gilded columns and even included an elevator that was the fastest west of the Mississippi at the time.

The hotel was open until just after World War II when it was used to house the officers and their families from the Tonopah Army Air Field.

There have been multiple attempts to resurrect the hotel - $4 million in the 80’s ending in bankruptcy and another attempt in 2004 to have it open in 2006 (it didn’t) – that have failed. In 2017 reports indicated the hotel was under going renovations again but as of mid 2022 it was up for sale again – for 4.9 million - and remains so in December of that year.

As of October of 2023 the price has dropped to $3 million.


Paranormal Activity

The Goldfield Hotel is considered one of the most haunted buildings in America and the world. It has been investigated by nearly every paranormal tv show there is.

The hotel has even been called a portal of the underworld.

The most famous ghost of the hotel is that of Elizabeth a prostitute that had an ongoing affair with George Wingfield; the man who built the hotel. She became pregnant and rather than admit to the affair he chained her to a radiator in Room 109.

And there she remained until she gave birth and then disappeared. It is unknown if she died in childbirth or was murdered but it is said Wingfield got rid of the baby by tossing it down a mineshaft behind the hotel.

The apparition of Elizabeth is seen throughout the hotel. She is also heard calling for her baby and crying. She is said to be dressed in a white gown, with long hair, obviously stressed and crying out for her baby

In Room 109 a misty out of focus figure has been captured in photos – when photos can be taken at all - many people report their cameras will not function in that room despite operating fine elsewhere in the building. It is also frequently reported as being unnaturally cold.

The phantom cries of the baby are said echo through the hotel’s empty rooms and hallways.

Of course, there is no historical proof that Elizabeth ever existed and there are many who consider her a tulpa; a story repeated so often it became a legend followed by so much belief in Elizabeth she became an actual paranormal entity; one that was never actually alive though.

Wingfield, himself, is also said to haunt his hotel. He makes himself known with the phantom smell of cigar smoke usually near the lobby staircase. Fresh cigar ashes are also found in his former room on the first floor.

Three other known ghosts in the hotel include: a woman who hung herself in a room of the third floor, a man who jumped to his death from another room on the third floor and “The Stabber” who has attacked people in the building while wielding a large knife.

The Stabber has never actually hurt anyone – as he disappears suddenly just before he gets to anyone – but he has scared people half to death.

There are also three ghosts that hang out near the lobby staircase: 2 children and a midget. They are known pranksters who will tap someone on the back before running away giggling. They never show themselves.

Other Reported Activity: shadow figures and people; time shifts; disembodied voices; unexplained sounds from laughter to loud bangs; objects moving on their own; electrical disturbances; light anomalies; phantom footsteps and feelings of being watched, not being wanted and being followed.