(The Hannes Tiedemann House)

4308 Franklin Boulevard, Cleveland, OH

Status: Former Residence; Historical Haunted House; Commercial Business


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Built in 1865 for Hannes Tiedemann and his family. Four of the Tiedemann’s children and his mother died in the house and Hannes made extensive renovations to the home including a ballroom and adding the gargoyles on the outside in an attempt to distract his wife from so much tragedy.

There are also rumors of sexual adventures and murder in the house at this time – in the 1970′s the bones of several babies were found in a secret room and another skeleton was found in a wall in one of the tower rooms.

Tiedemann sold the house in 1879 after his wife died but the house remained largely empty until 1968 when James Romano and his family moved in. They were the first to report paranormal activities and attempted several exorcisms to try to clean the house. They moved out in 1974 and the new owner wanted to turn the house into a church and offered overnight stays in order to raise funds.

The next owner made extensive renovations but again put the house up for sale in 1994. In 1999 a fire was started by a vagrant and damaged part of the building. The house was left boarded up and abandoned when renovations could not be completed.

In 2004 the house was be renovated to become the Franklin Castle Club. By 2006 this was revealed to be a complete sham – no renovations were done and published photos were taken from other websites. It also appears as if the house was used as a location to shoot porn movies at this time.

In 2011 the carriage house was damaged by fire. Also, in this year the city rezoned the property so the house could be converted into a three-family dwelling. In 2012 it bought specifically to be converted into this.

It is unclear what happened to the conversion process but the property is now owned by a performing arts company called Oh Dear! Productions.


Paranormal Activity

This location has been called “the most haunted house in Ohio” more than once.

 In the windows of the turret the apparition of a woman in black has been seen by many people. She is rumored to be either Rachael, a servant girl that Hannes allegedly hacked to death with an axe or one of Hanne’s mistresses who he reportedly straggled to death.

The fourth-floor ballroom is haunted by a young girl who may be Hanne’s niece (who he reportedly murdered) or the servant girl, Rachael. The Romano family also reported the ghost of a young girl who befriended their children. There is also a large blood stain on the marble floor of the ballroom that returned after the floor was replaced. This ghost also predicted a death in the family which is said to be the major reason why the family left the home.

A newspaper boy reported then when he knocked on the front door a voice told him to “come in” and inside the front foyer he saw the apparition of a woman glide down the stairs and disappear right through the closed door.

Phantom voices of children crying out have been heard and the faces of children have appeared in the walls.

Other activity: voices coming from the walls; chandeliers swinging on their own; lights turning on and off on their own; furniture and other objects moving on their own,; mysterious moving mists; light anomalies; doors opening and closing on their own and cold spots.

The apparition of Hannes Tiedemann himself has been reported in a nearby park where he is said to have died.