(Fort Qu’Appelle Sanatorium) (Echo Valley Conference Centre)

On Highway 56, fort QU'APPELLE, sk

Status: Former Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Former Conference Centre; Completely Demolished


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Fort San looking towards Fort Qu'Appelle, 1920s

By, Public Domain, Link

This was Canada's Waverly Hills. Unfortunately, Canada has a much more diminished sense of history than the US and this location has been demolished.

It was also considered one of the most haunted places in Canada. Time will tell if that remains the same now that the hospital has been completely demolished.


Construction was begun in 1911 on the sanitarium but halted in 1914 due to the outbreak of World War I. It did not officially open its doors until October of 1917 as 60 bed unit on 230 acres. By 1918 it had become a 260-bed facility as patients with tuberculosis began to increase rapidly.

In 1919 a recreation hall and children’s pavilion were built (the children’s pavilion was torn down and a new one built in 1945). A school functioned on the site from 1922 to 1967 and a nurse’s residence was built in 1922. At its peak the sanitarium housed 368 patients and became entirely self-sufficient with a farm, post office, the aforementioned school and its own internal radio station.

By 1960 most of the beds were empty as the war against TB was being won with antibiotics. Even with the transfer of patients from the now closed Prince Albert Sanitarium in 1961 much the facility was being used as School for The Arts.

By 1971 the hospital portion of this site was closed and the facility was turned over completely to the Department of Public Works. Throughout the 80′s the site was used as a summer arts camp and convention centre. In 1992 the name was changed to the Echo Valley Conference Centre. In 2004 the site was closed and scheduled to be demolished.

In 2007 the site was sold to Echo Valley Resorts Ltd. Only 4 buildings – Main Lodge, Nurse’s Residence, Administration and Dr Jenner’s Residence – municipal heritage structures so all other structures have since been torn down.

The remaining protected buildings were suffering greatly from neglect and vandalism. The owners violated the law in not allowing inspectors on the property in 2013 and were issued a maintenance order.

It would seem the owners did not keep up the buildings as reports indicate all remaining buildings were demolished in 2017.

During the hospital’s years in operation an average of 40 patients died per day. If no family could be found the bodies were buried in the back hills with no marker.


Paranormal Activity

Apparition of a nurse nicknamed “nurse Jane” is still seen wandering the halls and grounds, disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, reports of hearing your name called, apparitions of former patients, ghosts seen staring out of mirrors, feelings of being watched and not wanted, light anomalies, phantom mists, feeling of being choked and the sounds of wheelchairs still rolling through the hallways.

Feeling a heavy wait on your chest making it difficult to breathe.