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Status: Active US Army Base


Please remember this is an active US Army Base and Training Center trespassing can be meant with everything up and including lethal force.


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By Noah Albro, Command and General Staff College PAO - Fort Leavenworth Public Affairs Office, Public Domain, Link


This base is the oldest operating US Army Base west of the Mississippi River and has been in operation for over 180 years. It is home to the United States Army Combined Arms Center, the United States Disciplinary Barracks (the only maximum security institution operated by the US Army), the United States Army Command and General Staff College through which almost all modern US Army Officers ranked Major and above have passed through, Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery and many other important centers for the US Army.

It is also the most important training center for the US Army.

The first fort on this location was built by the French in the 18th Century who abandoned it at the conclusion of the French-Indian War. In 1827 the original Fort Leavenworth was established here by Col Henry Leavenworth as a forward base for protecting the Santa Fe Trail.

The Rookery (the oldest building in Kansas) was originally built in 1832 to serve as the bachelor officers’ quarters but served as the office of the first Territorial Governor of Kansas until the capitol was moved to Pawnee.

This fort also played important parts in the both the Utah (Mormon) War and the Mexican-American War.

In the Civil War all volunteers from Kansas were trained here for the Union Army. The Confederate Army built Fort Sully nearby (which the ruins of can still be seen near the National Cemetery) but the Confederate troops meant for Sully were defeated near the present site of Kansas City and never occupied the fort.

The “Buffalo Soldiers” (African-American soldiers) were formed here to fight in the Civil War and a monument stands on the grounds to them.

In 1875 the penitentiary was built to house US Army soldiers convicted of committing serious crimes.

As the 19th Century came to a close this fort was mainly involved in conflicts against the Native American population (over 1,000 of them).

In the early to mid 20th Century most of the Generals we know from the history books were trained here including MacArthur, Bradley, Eisenhower and Patton.

The plans were drawn up here the provided the major strategies that would allow the Allies to win both World Wars. During the Cold War Nike-Hercules missiles were stationed here in a plan to bring down Soviet nuclear bombers.

In the National Cemetery some very famous US Army officers (all way back to the War Of 1812) are buried including 10 Medal of Honor recipients. Burials are now closed here but are permitted for soldiers with members of their family already interned.


Paranormal Activity

The ghost of Catherine Sutter is still seen here sometimes carrying a lantern. She arrived here with her family in 1880 to rest before continuing west. Her husband and children were sent out one day to collect firewood and never returned. Catherine wintered over at the fort desperately searching for her family until she caught pneumonia and died.

Her apparition is still seen in the National Cemetery and adjoining golf course still calling for her children. She is dressed in a calico dress and a black shawl.

The apparition of Chief Joesph is also seen here, he was imprisoned here in 1877 until his death.

In the Chief Of Staff’s Quarters the phantom sounds of a party are often heard in the empty parlor. The apparitions of an old man, an old woman and very angry young girl have been seen; and are said to be responsible for other paranormal activity, in The Rookery – the oldest house on base.

Sheridan House is said to be haunted Mrs Sheridan forever angry that her husband, Gen Philip Sheridan, who abandoned her on her deathbed to go to Chicago.

In the McClellan Officers Quarters the apparition of a man with goatee is often seen by the fireplace and he is blamed for loud phantom footsteps as if someone is in the house at night.