(Ferris Mansion Bed & Breakfast)(George Ferris Mansion)

607 West Maple Street, Rawlins, WY

Status: Former Residence; Former Multi-Residential Complex Former Bed & Breakfast; Air BNB

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This 8,000 square foot historic mansion was built between 1899 and 1903 by the Wyoming businessman George Ferris. Mr Ferris was the sole owner of the Ferris-Hagerty Copper Mine

Unfortunately, Ferris did live to move into his mansion; he was thrown from a runaway carriage near his mine and killed in 1900.

His wife, Julia, and their 7 children did move into the mansion when it was completed.

Shortly after moving in her youngest son – Cecil - was killed when his older brother accidentally discharged a gun.

Julia would lose 2 more children in the house – Delia aged 1 year and Edna aged 10 years – before she passed away herself in 1931 aged 76 years.

In the 1940’s the house was divided up into apartments and by the 1970’s it was in a state of considerable disrepair. In 1978 David and Janice Lubbers bought the house and began an extensive renovation. The Lubbers were granted Wyoming’s first bed & breakfast license in 1986.

The house has a had a few different owners since then and was turned into an AirBNB (rentable by rooms) sometime in 2018.


Paranormal Activity

Many believe this is the most haunted location in Wyoming.

The workmen who converted the house into apartments in the 1940’s are reported to have had numerous experiences with the paranormal including apparitions, disembodied voices and objects moving and disappearing.

Its even been said they were chased out of the building more than once by whatever is in the mansion.

Another report says 2 of the men died on site under “mysterious circumstances”.

The residents of the apartments also told stories of encountering ghosts and other paranormal activity in the house. Stories with more details that match what people and investigators have encountered in modern times.

The mansion is considered to be haunted by 3 ghosts.

The full bodied apparitions of 2 young boys are seen in the house; one is believed to be Cecil Ferris who was killed accidentally by his older brother (see above).

A woman – thought to be Julia Ferris - in a Victorian white night gown is also seen throughout the house – most commonly in the kitchen seemingly still doing her motherly duties – mostly re-enacting what she did in life.

One recorded conversation with a female entity who was asked which room was her favorite? She answered it was the green room which has been identified as Julia Ferris’ bedroom. Numerous other EVP’s have been captured on investigation.

Other Reported Activity: an apparition has been captured on camera; shadow figures (most commonly seen in front of a room where a death is to believed to have occurred); phantom footsteps; disembodied voices and whispers; unexplained knocking sounds (usually in the hallways); electrical disturbances including flickering lights and lights turning on and off on their own; light anomalies and feelings of being watched and not being alone.