1607 Shakespeare Street, Baltimore, MD

Status: Historical Cemetery


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In 1730 William Fell founded this area to begin his ship building business. At the time the area was heavily forested right up to the coast. The area would become known as Fells Point.

In the 1760’s William’s son began to build up the site with brothels, bars and houses. The area would keep the name Fells Point but eventually become part of the City of Baltimore.

When members of the Fell Family passed away, they were all buried in Bond Cemetery. Eventually the only grave marker left in the cemetery said Fell hence the changing of the name.

There are many who believe no one is even buried underneath the one marker; that the last Fell’s were exhumed long ago and buried elsewhere.

The cemetery now is very small, located between 2 row houses, and behind an iron wrought fence.


Paranormal Activity

The ghost of the cemetery is thought to be Wil Fell who behaved very badly – hanging around the town’s bars and brothels – and very much like a spoiled playboy. He was chastised by the elder family members repeatedly. Eventually, he was warned with severe consequences if he didn’t change his irresponsible ways.

He didn’t and was soon found dead at the age of 27. His death may have been the logical end of his carefree life; but many believe the Fell Family themselves had the family embarrassment removed from the picture.

As a ghost he is seen – usually around 2am – standing in the street looking at a place between the cemetery and the old Fell Family Mansion. He is said to be quite attractive and impeccably dressed but looks rather sad before he walks into the cemetery and fades away into nothing.